How Much Does A CT Scan Cost?

CT scan cost varies widely. Computed Tomography scan pricing is not fixed and set at a standard rate everywhere in the world; at least not yet. Each facility sets their own pricing and it varies. The Healthcare Reform Act, here in the United States, may or may not change that. However, there seems to be two price ranges: the cheaper screening CT scan, also called whole body CT scanning, and the more expensive diagnostic CT scan. The screening CT scan is for the healthy person with no symptoms but just wants to know if there could be anything going on inside that's detectable by CT scan.

These screening CT scans are not provided at every facility but are provieded at facilities that offer CT Scans for screening purposes. See CT Screening for further discussion.

The other category for CT scan cost is the diagnostic CT scan. This is one that your doctor orders because there is a need like an injury or a symptom or condition you may have. The price for these scans are in the range of $580-$1,500 per body part scanned. This also varies greatly from place to place even in the same city.

CT Scan cost goes up for each additional body part scanned. For example, if you needed to have your chest, abdomen and pelvis scanned for medical necessity, it could be as much as $6,000 US dollars or more, especially if contrast is used.

Insurance companies usually do not reimburse or pay for "screening" CT scans because they want to see evidence of medical necessity. This is usually why the services provided are offered as cash discounts.

Prices are higher at hospitals because they have more staff and can specialize in the more sophisticated procedures in CT Scan. For example, if you need to have a CT guided biopsy,the price will increase because of the amount of staff and extra equipment needed for the procedure.

Click on this CT guided biopsy link and you will be redirected to another page with more information on that subject.

The best way to find out how much a CT Scan will cost is for you to call or enquire at facilities located in your area and ask them for their pricing. Some facilities will offer discounts if you pay in cash, even as much as 75%. This could bring the price down well below the thousand dollar range; some where around $580-$420 or possibly even less. Cash discounts are often given on top of this price range at some outpatient facilities.

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